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Escape Puzzles: Industrial was the second Escape Puzzles level pack designed by Graystripe081501, who goes by Gray. It consists of many of the same components as Classic, and, just like most of the level packs, are made on an 8x8 grid of graph paper. The blocks and tiles are mostly the same, except that they take on a more man-made air (For example, Ice Tiles are replaced by Wet Floor Tiles). Only one original item has been added so far in the form of Pushers.


Approximately two weeks after Escape Puzzles were first created, Gray came up with the ideas for Industrial and Swamp. He immediately started work on Swamp, cranking out several puzzles, but then started work on Industrial. His level testers stated that it "just re-used old blocks" and that the new component was "easy to figure out." Gray has all but ceased work on both Industrial and Swamp, instead focusing much of his energy on Medieval and, at times, on Pentagon.