Gray is a middle schooler who came up with Escape Puzzles. When his class was experimenting with a puzzle unit, Gray quickly dug out some sheets of graph paper intended for creating Sudoku, and, borrowing from an online puzzle game he had once seen, made the first Escape Puzzle. This simple game had his classmates mentally shifting crates for about a minute until Gray, impatient as ever, told them the answer. He later expanded into six other versions, as well as the Collector's Edition, which includes all packs. 


Gray is fairly bright and often gets impatient with those that don't understand a given subject. He tries not to show off much in any area. He keeps a quick wit and has a great sense of humor. While very rarely perturbed by verbal attacks, Gray's temper will flare at any attempts to physically hurt him or at any kind of attack on his friends, often releasing a thick stream of element names (especially worthless or harmful ones). As could be discerned, Gray is very interested in chemistry. However, he has been known to let his mind drift during class (especially to any stray graph paper that he can create Escape Puzzles on). This occasionally results in a stray warning from his teachers, but, more often than not, Gray will learn much of the lesson anyway. He does not wish his true name to be known.

Physical Traits

  • Hair color: dark brown
  • Hair length: medium
  • Height: 5'04"
  • Build: Slim
  • Feet: Men's size 9.5
  • Eye color: Hazel with hidden green